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27.Diego Maria Barbieri【7.18】Use of Local Materials for Road Construction


报告题目Use of Local Materials for Road Construction





Dr. Diego Maria Barbieri,挪威科技大学(NTNU)博士后


Sapienza University, Rome, 2015

2nd Level Postgraduate Master and Specialization Course:“Infrastructure and Systems of Railway Engineering”

Thesis (developed at RFI Technical Management, Rome): "Survey of a railway arch bridge and seismic vulnerability assessment"

Modena and Reggio Emilia University, Modena, 2011 - 2014

Master Degree in Civil Engineering, Structures

Thesis (developed at Fuzhou University, People's Republic of China):  "Experimental research and numerical analysis on the failure mode of a hollow core slab bridge"

Modena and Reggio Emilia University, Modena, 2008 – 2011,

Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering

Thesis:  "Design of the sheet piles situated along A22 motorway according to the new national code NTC 2008"


The presentation deals with the use of unbound granular materials (UGMs) in pavement construction. The main mechanical properties associated with UGMs are resilient modulus and permanent deformation: their assessment is explained and models are presented. Furthermore, it is possible to enhance these mechanical properties by using non-traditional additives: promising laboratory results are presented and discussed. This is particularly relevant for aggregates not satisfying code requirements. Results from an ongoing in-situ test characterize further the use of the additives.


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